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 Site Rules

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Alpha Kenji


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PostSubject: Site Rules   Thu May 07, 2015 6:14 pm

1) Be hospitable to all members, regardless their status on the site. Please remember that behind each wolf is an actual person, they have feelings too.

2) Do not be a backseat moderator. That means do not take control of a situation, if there is a problem please notify an Admin or Mod and we will take care of it.

3) Keep things G. That means keep from constant swearing and too much violence. Another thing is we do not allow mating in detail.

4) Be a helpful member to newcomers. This means if they have any questions do your best at answering them or if you do not know do not get frustrated with them. We want everyone to get along well even if you do not like them be civil.

5) When your character leaves a topic emphasize that action with something OOC saying your character left.

6) No Godmodding!.

7) keep your personal problems away from the c-box and role-play please.

8 ) You must at least 4 sentences per post, we are literature.

9) As multiple characters are allowed you should register a new account with each character. You may have as many characters as you would like but you must keep them all active.

10) Refrain from text speech in character.

11) If you are going to say something OOC character please put it in brackets or parentheses.

12) When joining please post a biography, this has a template so please use that.

13) Another thing when joining, you have to have a profile picture for your biography to be accepted, it has to be an actual wolf although you can alter a real wolf like fur and eye colors.

14) There is no ghosting aloud. Ghosting is taking control of another wolfs character without permission from the owner.

15) feel free to leave your pack at any time. Just know that your rank will not be saved for you and can be easily filled in.

16) You must ask for permission to get a mate from your pack alpha/alphess. If the other person who you want to be mates with does not accept or your alphas do not accept your request do not be upset.

17) NO copyrighting our site! All rights are reserved for this site and if we catch anyone copyrighting it won't be pretty!

19) We're a semi-realistic site and don't allow anything unrealistic or fantasy-oriented (powers, wings). Later on, through shop, you can purchase items such as a collar for your canine if you so desired.

20) Our posting minimum is 10 sentences and must be 2 paragraphs long

21)No more than two of your characters may have a higher rank. If you'd like a higher rank, do not request one (high ranks include: lead warrior, lead healer, lead hunter, Alpha,  etc) without permission from the Admins first.

22) We do allow a small amount of swearing (such as bastard or dammit). Don't over use this privilege or you'll receive a warning.

23) Journey is a third-person site only, so do not write in first-person (I, me). These terms may only be used when your character is speaking.

24)We only allow canines as roleplay characters.

25) Those under two years old are pups, any older they're considered an adult. Put the phrase "running with wolves" into the joining keys area when you join so we know you've read everything, please keep reading for more joining keys.

26)Journey does allow mating but it must go to fade to black when the female has her pups.

27) You can only have two characters total but can buy more from our shop. Please put characters on separate accounts.

28 )No handicaps allowed, injuries can only be earned IC and must be admin approved.

29)Don't roleplay until your character is accepted. Last joining key is "Howling at the moon"

30)Tables cannot exceed 600 pixels.

31)Don't let things in character get personally out of character.

32) We don't allow godmodding or ghosting. If caught doing so, you will be removed.

Rules © Alpha Newt 

Used On Blurred Lines also but all rights go to me!
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Site Rules
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