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 Khari ~ Never alone, Never forgotten

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PostSubject: Khari ~ Never alone, Never forgotten   Fri May 08, 2015 10:11 pm


Character's Name Pronunciation/Nicknames: Khari
Character's Nicknames: None


Character's Classification/Species: Timber wolf
Character's Gender: Female
Character's Age: 4 years old
Character's Rank: Beta (if okay)
Character's Orientation: straight, Heterosexual
Character's Voice: deep, raspy female focus
Character's Scent: Her fur smell like a fresh breeze with a mix of grass.

Character's Personality: One word that could describe this wolf would be courage. Khari loves to try new things and hope to get others like her to get evolved in as well. Even though she can be strict, she does it out of love and wants others to better themselves. Also she is a very tough nut to crack so things don't get under her skin easily. That basically sums up Khari as she is like an onion with many layers to be revealed.

Character's Interests: adventuring, organization, being friendly to those she meet
Character's DislikesInjury, Sickness, being lazy or doing nothing
Character's Habits: tends to sigh a lot

Character's Appearance:  Khari's body is basically covered with light brown that goes to her face all they way to her paws. Her fur color consist of a black, dark brown and light brown mixed together. The tips of her ear are cover by the dark brown. Her fur is actually quite soft, than what most Wolves would typically say. Also she has very short fur so it will help her with running mostly.
Character's Eye Color: As they say your eyes are the key to your soul, but with Khari you only see brightness. Her optics consist the colors of a sky blue giving off a eerie feeling of her being icy or cold stare like.
Character's Reference:


Character's Parents: Azula- Mother
Character's Siblings: Julius, Crane, Hunter, and Loki- Brothers
Character's Extended Family: none
Character's Mate:  N/A
Character's Offspring: N/A
Character's History:
It was December 9 and a single female wolf who was about to give birth any minute was walking through the snow. The wind blow at 80 mile per hour, as the whooshing sound echoed through the trees. A blizzard had formed as the mother wolf tried hard to find shelter. Soon a cave appeared and the female enter quickly and gave birth to five pups. She had four boys named Julius, Crane, Hunter, and Loki, and one girl who she named Khari. But something strange was inside the girl pup and her mother knew it. Her brothers always teased her by the way she looked as her fur wasn't pure white as theirs nor had dark blue eyes but instead inherited bright blue orbs instead. They always treated her like a nobody and she always hated it. Later one night and harsh storm came which dropped temperatures all the way to negative numbers at the coldness entered the cave. As Khari woke up she nudged her mother to wake but she didn't move, and not even her brothers moved, they froze to death over night, frighten the tiny fae ran away from the cave.

Now in her teen years, Khari wonder the forest quietly. She never thought about the death of her family, as of now she was on her own. One day the fae was at a river relaxing, not noticing the approaching humans. But as one branch broke and she tried to run it was to late and cage was already over her head. The fae was placed into a truck and was taken to a facility. There they taken wolves and put against each other to fight one another. Through Khari's eyes this place was horrible, wolves with missing ears and eyes, young pups training to take up this sport. Khari's cage was taken to the arena and was opened and she was forced out. So another cage was placed on the other side of the arena. A large male exited the cage and the sound a Khari could hear at the moment was the pumping of her heart.

"What do we have here, a misfit?" The male sneered in her direction. That comment enter the female's ear and it triggered the memories of her brothers teasing her. Outrage Khari howled and ran with a big urge which blew gutted the other wolf hard and knocked him out. She somehow managed her way out of that place and back into the woods. Again she on her own, but not for long. An elder wolf named Mags saw the nearly skin and bones fae and invited her to come to her den. The elder gave Khari some food and so became friends with the old timer. One afternoon, Mags looked to her."You are a strange one indeed, but you have inherited your father, Anos,courage But you are much stronger and shall become more powerful, but you must leave now to accomplish your dreams." Khari was startled by this but just shrugged it off. That morning she found Mags dead, from cold temperature just like the way her mother and brothers died. Khari walked away as a misfit, but a misfit with a new mission.

Joining Keys:

Rawr! An Angry wolf has come and stolen the joining keys! 
~ Alpha Ranger

Example Post:

From Ashes To Ashes - Legend Of The Realm

Misfit, the word that could give someone pain or the feeling of not pushing for their best. But this statement doesn't faze the oracle as she walked along the jungled looking city. Buildings with vines and leaves poking out of small cracks, cars that stayed in the last location. Humans couldn't inhabit this place belong as many died of moved on to find something better than here. Ferra's white paws hit the damp road with a light step, her head held high as she. Check all of her surroundings.

With a scent mixed with the rotten uptown was the sent of a wolf. This scent alerted the fae as her light blue eyes scan for anything that catches in her field of vision. Something black had made her turn her cranium, it looked more like a sliver of a tail."Well this should be fun..." The Oracle's body soon kicked into high gear as she climbed up on top of a car. This wasn't going to be easy as she quickly studied the build, sighing she jump from one ledge to another. Finally at the top, Ferra gained up her speed and jumped, landing gently on the a different rooftop. The figure was right in front of her. With a strong voice she spoke,""Who goes there?"

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Alpha Ragnar


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PostSubject: Re: Khari ~ Never alone, Never forgotten   Fri May 08, 2015 10:18 pm


Hey Khari Just Post at the border of the pack you would like to be in and the alpha or alphess will reply ASAP! Welcome to Journey!
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Khari ~ Never alone, Never forgotten
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