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 Thrown Into Misery - Vendette

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Beta Vendette


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PostSubject: Thrown Into Misery - Vendette   Sat May 09, 2015 3:09 pm


Character's Name Pronunciation: (Ven-Det)
Character's Nicknames: Ven


Character's Classification/Species: 70% Grey Wolf, 10% Maned Wolf, 20% Russian Wolf  
Character's Gender: ♀
Character's Age: 3
Character's Rank: I reallt wanted a beta female or alpha female rank >.< (I'm an admin as well.)
Character's Orientation: Hetero Sexual
Character's Voice: Thick Russian accent
Character's Scent: Violets and or rain

Character's Personality: Vendette is quiet. She's an observer and a fighter over any other skills she might possess. Vendette is rather snappy when you do talk to her, but takes on great responsibility for her actions, and/or ideas. She can put things into action and is pretty straight forward, She says what needs to be said, and gets done what needs to be done. When it comes to fighting, she tends to like the victory part, not exactly the blood shed. Although when her teeth are sinked into someones fur, the rush she gets is unimaginable. She feels superior, which can lead to aggression.

Character's Interests: Vendette loves the wind, she will lay down with her tail tucked and just let the wind ruffle her fur.
The rush of fighting

Character's Dislikes
The bright sun

Character's Habits:
She can get really hard on people, and can push others into her view of what she thinks is right, which can be uncomfortable.

Character's Appearance:
Vendette is a sleek black wolf. Her fur is short, which makes it easier for her to get around large, bushy plants, or tiny lurking thorns.

Character's Eye Color: Sunshine gold.
Character's Reference:

Character's Parents:
Mom - Dove - Deceased
Dad - Roven - Unknown

Character's Siblings:
Sister - Alcris - Deceased
Eren - Brother - Unknown

Character's Extended Family:
Crowley - Cat - Deceased
Rubi - Wolf - Deceased

Character's Mate: N/A
Character's Offspring: N/A

Character's History:
Vendette came from a long blood line or Russian wolves. Her mother Dove, was content with life. Her father, Roven worked hard and approved only responsibility. Vendette, who followed her fathers hard working paw steps, went out for her first hunt. Her job that day was to catch herself a squirrel. Her father guided her kindly, and showed her how to keep her constant crouching posture comfortably. As they hunted happily, a mourning howl came from the den, as well as the shrieks of adolescents. Roven took off, away from Vendette leaving her to follow alone. When they got to the den, Doves throat was gashed out. She was already dead. His pup Alcris, his beloved other daughter was being hovered over by 2 mountain lions in the distance. They were fighting over who got the meal of his daughter. Eren, was whimpering in the pup den. Roven howled his song in mourn, and anger. When Vendette showed up, she was devastated and wanted to kill everything that would be a threat, to herself, and her deceased family. She was having a hard time wrapping the thought of death around her. She heard Eren crying from the tiny den. He took up a lot of room, but managed to squeeze into the back, where their mother had slept. Vendette crawled in with him and cuddled, while they listened to the mourn of Roven. It was all very sad for a long time. Finally Roven got the guts to leave, and take his pups with him. It has been hard for everyone, days without food and water and long miles to walk. Seasons changed and things began to turn shades of orange, brown, and red. Everything was the same after that, constant moving, not one home or territory. Everything was crowded with other packs or different animals because of the cold setting in. One day Eren decided that he was going to leave, he had given up and couldn't take this small pack anymore. He left in the night, without a word. Roven, who felt like his life was over went looking for his only son Eren. Vendette stayed behind and hunted small prey that she could find. Although he too, never came back. A long time passed, and she had befriended a cat named Crowley, and a wolf named Rubi. She was actually hunting Crowley, but he changed her mind. They became close family, and thats when Rubi tagged along as well. Rubi taught her things, and kept her inline. She was very strict. Crowley on the other hand, was a sack of pancake batter. He was fluffy and fun to play with, but he would make a mess. One night, Crowley was hunted by a black bear, and eaten. Rubi and Vendette were devastated, this wasn't the first time. They pulled through it, and joined a small family pack. Vendette was the omega, Rubi, the alphess after some time. She stopped people from picking on her, but there wasn't much she could do. Rubi, who liked her place in the pack and had many litters of pups, exiled Vendette. No one was to touch her as she was leaving, no one even said a word. Rubi was in grief, but she did it for her because no one wanted Vendette to move up in rank. As Vendette was leaving, the sun was setting. Rubi ran up from behind her, "Vendette, i'm sorry, I couldn't see you suffer in this pack. But Tolloa didn't want you to move up, so there was nothing I could do. Vendette, I love you." With that Rubi disappeared, and Vendette's mind switched over to survival. She became some what of a monster from that point on.

Joining Key
Keys Presented and Removed for other members ~ Alpha Newt

Example Post:

Vendette trotted through the vivid Autumn woods. Her tongue rolled out of her mouth, and her ears were flattened. She had been trotting a long time at this steady place, looking for a place to be, a place of protection for the night that wouldn't invade others space. Finally she came to a chilling stream, which ran down West from here. She padded up, her tail in high spirits and her ears perked. When she walked over the bank her paws were covered in mud, but it didn't bother her so she bent down and lapped at the icy water thirstily. The water refreshed her as well as relaxed her body, and waded into the stream where she could sit. The water was lapping at the base of her chest fur, and her tongue rolled out of her mouth while she panted.

Vendette eagerly wanted to stay by the stream, but she didn't know what things lurked around here. After about 10 minutes of thinking to herself, she dragged herself out and shook her black fur on the bank. Droplets of water dripped down her now wet, shiny black fur and onto the dry ground. She stuck her thin muzzle, with her black nose into the air and gave a sniff. Foxes, which weren't a problem, hares, and birds were in this area. She gave her fur another shake and padded into the brush, a somewhat stale rabbit scent wafted around the ground, which she followed with the intention to catch it. Finally the fuzzy brown hare was nibbling on a plant in her sight. She crouched down and stalked it for a second, then ran up and snapped her jaws on the neck. She didn't wait to hold it down, instead Vendette just carried it back to the stream.\

Vendette laid her fuzzy lifeless meal by the water, laid down with one paw on the hare. She gnawed at the foot hungrily, and the next thing you know it was all bones. She chewed on the ribs with the back of her teeth for a while, then she got bored and decided to take a nap. She dug a hole, and buried her prey's bones, then covered the hole back up. She crawled tiredly under a tree, and curled up into a ball. For a while she stared at the falling leaves, the colors of browns, red, and orange all swirling down from the large tops. Winter was coming soon, and she had to get ready. Maybe this time, she would settle down and find herself a pack.

Must Be At least 2 to 3 paragraphs long, a paragraph consists of 8 sentences.
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Alpha Kenji


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PostSubject: Re: Thrown Into Misery - Vendette   Sat May 09, 2015 5:10 pm


Just post at the border of which pack you would like to join and the alpha or alphess will reply ASAP!

Welcome to Journey!
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Thrown Into Misery - Vendette
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