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 Newt The Brave

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PostSubject: Newt The Brave   Fri May 08, 2015 6:52 pm


Character's Name Pronunciation/Nicknames: New-t
Character's Nicknames: Limpy


Character's Classification/Species: Apennine Wolf
Character's Gender: Male
Character's Age: 3 years old
Character's Rank: None
Character's Orientation: Romantic, Straight
Character's Voice: Newt has very gruff british accent.
Character's Scent: Dirt and occasionally he has a flowery scent

Character's Personality:Newt has always been known to be a kind and caring wolf, he always puts others needs before himself. Despite all that he has been through he still tries to push on and keep his head held high instead of letting depression grab him. The brute quiet a romantic guy and will do anything to please but if the female is not interested he will respectfully back away.
Character's Interests: 
Swimming, Meeting New wolves, Warm places, and learning new things
Character's Dislikes: 
Death, Wolf's Blood, Snobby Wolves, and bossy wolves
Character's Habits: N/A

Character's Appearance: Standing at 82 cm tall from his shoulder down to his paws Newt is a tall wolf. His build isn't bold and tough it is rather lanky with quiet small paws, weighing around 45 pounds makes him quiet skinny. Long legs are helpful for running but he tends to stay away from it because of his injured right back leg. Gaining a small limp from it as he runs along, which makes him quiet slow. Newt's fur is very fluffy and long in the winter time as where in the summer time his coat sheds and it is quiet thin. The brute also has quiet a thick and gruff British accent.    
Character's Eye Color: Lime green mix with brown
Character's Abnormalities: I'm not really sure if this counts as a disorder but when Newt was a kid he tended to forget his parents and sister a lot until one day he forgot them totally. The brute doesn't have this anymore it was just because of eternal shock.
Character's Reference: 

Character's Parents: The same for his sister he doesn't really remember his parents either but his fathers name as Issac and Riley
Character's Siblings: He doesn't really remember his sister any but he does have one called Sofie
Character's Extended Family: Thomas - Even tough Thomas wasn't technically his brother he considered him as it even though he was his bestfriend
Character's Mate: N/A
Character's Offspring: N/A
Character's History: Three years ago in a small den on the west side of a mountain, Newt was born along with a sister. From day of birth he was always a healthy little pup that loved to play around and stay active.  The small pup tended to stay outside wandering around and trying to discover something new every day, whether it was how fish breathe underwater or to how a small bird learns to fly by being ran off the edge of a tree limb. The small brute tended to get into tons of trouble because of his curiosity, it sometimes even led to deadly situations to wear he would almost get hurt or killed. As a puppy he was always cheerful and happy and never had any concept of death or pain at the time as everyone would avoid the subject when he would ask a question about it. As a pup he would try to hang out mostly around his mother as she was the lead caretaker of the pack, this gave him many chances to make new friends and bond with the others. Newt still didn't know what rank he wanted to take up as a kid many times he thought a hunter or maybe a guardian but he was never sure until he decided he wanted to be a healer.

Newt grew over a few years gaining new looks and a lot of attention from the females in his pack, the brute honestly didn't like that girls were throwing themselves at him so for some of his teenage years he just ignored it and kept his head held high. It started to seem as if the days grew longer and that everything was changing, no one really had done anything around since the brute had grown. The once cheerful yippy pack that was always on a move grew dull and lifeless in a matter of years scaring him quiet a lot. The dark days came that's when Newt realized how sick and twisted this whole world was after attempting to escape a pack ambush, he hurt is back hind leg in the process of doing so. The brute gained a nasty reward from all of that, a limp for the rest of his life. Having no recollection of his family or anyone after the incident he decided to set off and restart his life.

Another year passed and the male decided instead of traveling farther west that he would go toward the North to discover what secrets it holds. The journey took around three to four weeks with his bad leg. Despite everything that had happened to him, boy did he have amazing stories to tell and would spread them to anyone who came by as a friend instead of an enemy. The brute had trudged through miles and miles of snow throughout his journey facing many other such s foxes, bears, and sometimes other pack of wolves. Deciding it was time to stop lugging around with nothing to do, he set out in search of a new pack not knowing where his paws would take him. 

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Newt The Brave
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